Painless FibroScan instead
of Liver Biopsy

Benefits of having a FibroScan examination at our facility:

  • FibroScan may help you get approval for the new Hepatitis C treatments: if the FibroScan score shows that your liver is becoming scarred - for example that you have severe fibrosis (F3) or cirrhosis (F4) - we have a better chance of persuading your insurance company to cover the new drugs now for your treatment (e.g. Harvoni, Sovaldi/Sofosbuvir, Olysio/Simeprevir) without having to get a biopsy.
  • On the other hand, a very low FibroScan score can provide you and your loved ones reassurance that your liver can afford to wait for better/less expensive treatment options in the future.
  • In many cases FibroScan can help you avoid the added risk and possible complications of a liver biopsy
  • After a successful treatment (e.g. Hepatitis C) annual FibroScan can monitor your liver's recovery.
  • Recovery from liver fibrosis may lower your long term risk of cancer. FibroScan can show you how your recovery is advancing.