Lab Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the key lab tests doctors use to diagnose and treat your Hepatitis C. Some of these you may already have. If you have had these done before, you can request copies from your doctor.
Tip! Attach them to you car keys the night before your appointment wuth us and don't leave them in the car!

Hepatitis C viral load or viral RNA (usually measured in iu/ml): When present or detectable, this confirms that you have active Hepatitis C virus in your blood (and your liver).

Hepatitis C Genotype: This is reported as types 1 through 6. Often, the lab will also report as subtype. Examples:1a, 1b, 2e, 4a etc. The subtype can be important to choice of drugs.

Blood count or CBC: Here we focus on the platelet count as it is very helpful as a simple measure of liver scarring.

Liver blood tests: in Hepatitis C, we focus mostly on the AST and ALT. These are usually elevated but can be completely normal.

Blood tests of Liver injury (Fibrosis): usually called Fibrosure, or Fibrospect, Fibrotest etc. These tests are more complicated to read but can be helpful to measure how stiff your liver is. So if you have them bring these with you and we will explain them.

Other blood and urine chemistry tests eg. kidney function.